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What is Positive Psychology? 

Since the early 20th century the field of psychology was focused more on healing mental disorders rather than on promoting human flourishing. The branch of Positive Psychology was founded by Professor Martin Seligman from University of Pennsylvania to support people not only to repair what is broken, but to go on to expand their potential and to thrive. The field is founded on the premises that all people universally have the need to leave meaningful and fulfilled lives no matter of their circumstances.


Positive Psychology is the scientific study of positive human functioning. It involves studies in the area of flourishing, strengths, motivation, learning, goals, wellbeing, flow, courage, curiosity, mindfulness and more. Happiness is only one of the phenomena that the science of Positive Psychology is studying. Science of Positive Psychology also recognizes importance of negatives in one’s life. Negativity in one’s life is as important as positivity and it can be used as a platform for growth and thriving.


What is Positive Psychology Coaching? 

Positive Psychology Coaching is the art of communication that uses up to date scientific discoveries from the field of Positive Psychology. Aim of the coaching is to increase self-awareness of character strengths, virtues, values, interests, and believes. This journey of self-discovery leads towards more fulfillment, meaning, confidence, productivity and successes in one’s life.  


What is the Purpose of Positive Psychology Coaching? 

Goal of Positive Psychology Coaching is not to reach the ultimate happiness. The goal is supportive motivational journey of possibilities and reflection, empathy and challenge that lead to increased self-awareness that will then lead to more well-being, fulfillment and productivity. Journey in itself is a goal, rather than the end destination. There is no place to be reached rather than the process in itself.

Recent research from the dynamic field of Positive Psychology has shown that one of the best ways to increase productivity, engagement, confidence, and motivation of employees, to decrease high turnover and increase creativity is to actually improve employee’s well-being. Increasing well-being at workplace will lead to fewer sick days, higher emotional satisfaction, more engagement with work, more volunteer behavior, more confidence, faster recovery from illness, better decision making and engagement.

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Supporting individuals and organizations to thrive by integrating the science of Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology into daily businesses.


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Applied Positive Psychology Training

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Nina Jankovic studied psychology in the United States with a focus on cross-cultural psychology. Fascinated by the latest research in positive psychology Nina further obtained certification in Positive Psychology Coaching with Dr Robert Biswas-Diener in Singapore and completed Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology in the UK.


Nina has founded Spark Positive in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2012 to support individuals and organizations to thrive. The innovative Spark Positive Energize - Empower - Connect program is focused on increasing trust, confidence, motivation and resilience based on individual values, character strengths and goals. Nina has worked with the senior leadership of many organizations across USA, Serbia, Vietnam, Singapore, Romania, Bulgaria and Germany. Among her clients are international organizations: INTEL, Starbucks, UNICEF, Decathlon, DiCentral, International School of Dusseldorf, Metro Cash & Carry.



Originally from Belgrade, Nina currently lives in Dusseldorf with her family. She is passionate runner and certified yoga instructor (CYT-200). She loves spending time with her family and she strongly believes in the integration of mindful living and physical activity into daily life.



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Nina Jankovic