Feeling overwhelmed?

Dealing with a problem or obstacle?

Experiencing a challenging transition?

Pursuing a significant goal?

Making an important decision?

Facing procrastination?

Lacking motivation?

Facing dilemmas?

Feeling stuck?

Need a support?

Missing ideas?

Coaching Sessions

My clients achieve their desirable change very fast after only 4 – 6 sessions leading to:


  • More confidence and clarity
  • More satisfaction with life
  • Faster growth and development
  • More engagement
  • Improved performance
  • Clear vision
  • More energy

"I am my client’s mirror with an enhanced ability of reflecting back their strengths over weaknesses; reflecting back their beauty instead of their flaws; reflecting back their potentials over setbacks; supporting them towards solutions rather than their problems. My mission is to support people to thrive” Nina Jankovic, Founder, Spark Positive